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It is difficult to write this part of the page as I don`t know where to begin. Particularly when it comes to narrating about oneself.. Well, here it is:

Kalachuchi I was born in the southern part of the Philippines, in Roxas Zamboanga del Norte (this takes most government officials quite a time to write in their files because it's so long). My mother gave me the name CHUCHI, which derives from a flower called KALACHUCHI. Owing to the fact that the majority of the inhabitants in the archipelago are catholics, I also got an affix to my beautiful first name, and that is MARY. Though not catholic, I obtain my school education at different catholic institutions. The most special schooling I ever had was that at the primary/Kindergarten school in Dipolog, where I learned Chinese in the morning and normal subjects (grade one) in the afternoon. The rest of the years in primary school were accompanied with colorful and unforgettable moments.

Chuchi dancing Chuchi dancing Chuchis Primary School

In the high school, where I got rigid training in the fields of sciences, home economics and even military drills (really very formal), I enjoyed the time whenever my classmates and I met and practiced our dance steps for the incoming school or town celebrations, so called extra curricular activities. The higher education at the University of Sto. Tomas was quite okay, where I took up AB (Bachelor of Arts).

Chuchi in the PhilippinesIt seems as though the schooling in the Philippines was not enough that I cannot stop going to "school" to learn. The continuation was here in Germany. I obtain my Abitur in Gelsenkirchen and decided to make my apprenticeship (Ausbildung zur Kauffrau im Groß- und Außenhandel). The examination from the IHK, Essen in 1996, marked another completed hurdle. The time in the company is worth remembering and of course it has changed my way of living and understanding. Due to the decision of further studies, I left the company and enrolled myself at the University in Bochum in the fields of Wirtschaft and Maschinenbau. Due to circumstances and private reasons I completely shifted to architecture where I was thrown to Kaiserslautern by the ZVS in Dortmund. And there was the highlight, I met my Jan Peter with just an Anmeldung zum Tanzen. I couldn't believe to find someone, who is so understanding and thoughtful. There we are now with our Julia. We will fly to the Philippines as a family and I am so eager to show them the other side of the world.

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